Pep Talk: “The Key Is Curiosity”

With the holiday and flu season in full swing your knucklehead scribe was shuffling through the Cherry Creek Shopping Center. It was an attempt at exercise while battling a nasty... Read More

Pep Talk: “Brandon and the Buffs”

A dapperly dressed man was recently standing before a judge in the La Plata (CO.) County courthouse. It had been nine months since the same woman had ordered the father... Read More

Pep Talk: “Open Our Souls”

Suzanne Wolf’s a friend, educator and author. The empathetic soul recently posted something inspiring on Facebook. It was a quote from peace activist Mahatma Gandhi: “The best way to find... Read More

Pep Talk: “The Next Right Thing”

“Your honor,” stated the military veteran in humble fashion, “I’m just trying to take it one day at a time.” The truthful comment came from a handsome young man enrolled... Read More

Pep Talk: “Limit Lament”

The beautiful woman looked your scribe straight in the eyes. “I was born 97 years ago in Havana, Cuba, moved to New York City when I was about six and... Read More

Pep Talk: “Love Is The Root”

Your knucklehead scribe usually has several passengers on Friday mornings but not this time. “I feel like a father whose son has his own car and no longer wants a... Read More

Pep Talk: “Vessels Of Hope”

It was a real joy to recently host the third Denver Dream Center gala showcasing the loving and important work this community outreach church provides in underserved parts of the Mile... Read More

Pep Talk: “We Believe In Us!”

“This much I know,” was stated to a young man on the comeback trail from addiction and incarceration. “I believe in you.” We had just completed, at least for a... Read More

Pep Talk: “Trash Talking Buddy”

“I tried to kill myself when I was 16,” said the young man now barely of legal drinking age. He continued, “My dad’s first reaction? Too bad it didn’t work.”... Read More

Pep Talk: “A Great Personal Gift”

Your scribe was hanging out with fellow knuckleheads the other day when somebody asked, “Anybody got a praise report?” My hand shot up immediately. “Darling wife and I just celebrated... Read More