Motivational Videos

Pep Talk: “Our Highest Calling

A Friday night ritual inspires Mark to encourage you, and others, to embrace the power of forgiveness and love. “Our Highest Calling” This greatly highlights supporting others in our hardest times – or also when we’re in moments of greatest depression, we must help others to recognize that time marches on and nothing can change about caring for one another.... Read More

Prove Them Wrong

Inspired by a lunch meeting with a woman who refuses to allow the circumstances of life to quench her spirit for it, Mark encourages you to step forward instead. The “Satisfaction of proving them wrong” carries itself with ASC – so many of our guys get disempowered by society as “they’re losers” or “they’re worthless”. This Pep-talk really combats that.... Read More

Irv, Thanks Buddy

Inspired by the story of a contestant of his radio show giveaway, Mark encourages you to realize sometimes in life you have to stick your neck out to achieve. “Irv, Thanks Buddy” shows the importance of being grateful – it’s valuable as a lesson in ASC because growth does occur, and we should show that... Read More

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Inspired by a college basketball team’s disappointing snub, Mark encourages you to utilize life’s setbacks as a springboard to future success and gratification. “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained” highlights taking risk in a very nurturing story of Mark’s love life. Kind of makes folks happy hearing a love story – lightens the mood as a lot of the... Read More

The Power of Love

“Power of Love” Really highlights the value of mentorship as well as wisdom in forgiveness, which is really needed for a lot of our guys in ASC because they need support from other individuals as well as someone to not judge them for their mistakes and focuses more on the growth rather than punishment.... Read More