Pep Talk: “We Believe In Us!”

November 5, 2017

“This much I know,” was stated to a young man on the comeback trail from addiction and incarceration. “I believe in you.” We had just completed, at least for a dude almost 60 years old, a rigorous hour of Denver Dream Center-sponsored three-on-three half court hoops.
The gifted athlete is doing well as he works two minimum-wage jobs while living in a Denver area halfway house. Work demands and transportation challenges have the 23-year-old awake nearly 20 hours a day. Not much time for sleep. While we cooled down, he talked about the effects. “I don’t have a lot of energy.”

That exhaustive statement is what sparked your knucklehead scribe to utter, what Hall of Fame coach Bill McCartney calls, “The four most powerful words in the English language.” For the tired and weary needing a healthy does of hope and confidence: “I believe in you.” This buddy needed an encouragement booster shot.
Having others supporting our efforts to become better? Wow. It’s powerful. Less than two days later proof to the power of “I believe in you” played out when around 30 folks showed up to watch another young man on the comeback trail. He’s become active in A Stronger Cord while participating in the Denver Rescue Mission’s New Life Program. The, also, athletically-gifted 29-year-old was returning to boxing after a prolonged absence. The Knuckleheads showed up in force to send a clear call to a promising young man. “We believe in you.”
Folks from all walks of life were gathered ringside to encourage Brandon Hughes. A powerfully visual “We believe in you!” demonstration. We all need support on this roller coaster journey with its unexpected twists, turns and loops of frustration, misfortune and unfairness. Caution. Do not ride alone.
Recently this ol’ jock was sitting in a Jefferson County, (CO.), courtroom for “Vet Court.” Full disclosure, I sit on the board of Court Support Jeffco. It’s a nonprofit supporting the county’s four “Problem-solving” courts. They’re designed to help veterans and others trying to bounce back from adversity. ASC is passionately involved in this space. One of the vets was standing before an inspiring judge who does a great job. The young and handsome vet, when questioned about goals and challenges, kept mentioning his need to “Amend relationships” with others effected by his past behavior.
Those words keep ringing in my ears. “Amend the relationship.” Quite often the first relationship in need of adjustment? The complex and sometimes confusing one with the one in the mirror. All the support and encouragement in the world will not matter if we can’t muster the ability to believe it ourselves. I know, when the physical, emotional, spiritual and financial crap is calling, far easier to talk about than to execute.

Amending relationships, believing in a brighter future and building a stronger cord with others trying to do the same. Heck, in these challenging times, maybe we could change the rallying cry from “I believe in you” to “We believe in us!”

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