A Stronger Cord is:

More Fit

A Stronger Cord is a movement to unite America with wellness. Our philosophy starts with exercise, with movement. But that’s just the warmup to hanging out and building a stronger cord to one another. All the science in the world suggests the value of exercise in reducing stress and increasing mental well being. But ASC has discovered that exercise is also a great equalizer and connector. After certified trainers lead sweat-producing 25-30 minute workouts, we hang out. Participants are encouraged to go at their own pace as we sweat, bond and grow.

More Connected

A Stronger Cord is inclusive. We are inspired by King Solomon’s wisdom. Three thousand years ago he warned travel through life on our own is fraught with peril. That’s why we focus on strengthening the cord of friendship. We are all flawed. “Knuckleheads” in ASC’s world. Whether on the recovery trail or on more solid footing, when we know each other, we’re stronger.

More Giving

A Stronger Cord encourages others to have a spirit focused on giving. Everyone becomes more dependable and productive when we weave a stronger cord to families, work and communities. Our workouts include community service. After we workout, we help out in the neighborhood. We’re all stronger when we remember what it feels like to give something back.