Pep Talk: “Saying Yes”

July 9, 2017

Walking into inferno-like Centennial State weather on a Sunday afternoon, the ol’ noggin’ kept wandering, “Who might say yes?”
Your knucklehead scribe was blessed to have made a brief A Stronger Cord presentation to folks experiencing homelessness and poverty. They were being served by Wellspring Englewood Church in Englewood, Colorado. It’s real close to ASC’s south Denver site at ASC South at All Soul’s. The Knuckleheads are reaching out in the south Denver/Englewood area, trying to connect with those serving the isolated, vulnerable and displaced. Wellspring does a great job of it. 

Anyway, while climbing into the car, tuning the radio to Colorado Rockies’ baseball and cranking the air conditioner, the cranium kept ruminating on men and women engaged just moments before. Many seemed interested in the four-year-old wellness movement encouraging others to become more fit, connected and giving. Healthier in mind, body and spirit. Good for all, individually and collectively.
Pondering who might say yes to the invitation then took me back to the day before. “I’m so glad I decided to do this!!!” shouted a man in the Denver Rescue Mission’s New Life Program. The 40-something college graduate (mechanical engineering) is active in ASC and on the comeback trail from addiction, emotional and psychological challenges. He was riding shotgun as we returned to the DRM’s Crossing facility after spending a few hours engaging and entertaining elderly residents of a Denver assisted living facility. Thanks to the non profit Bessie’s Hope, the second and fourth Saturdays of the month, ASC embraces Denver’s isolated elderly – we have too many. On this day, “Roger” had been ambivalent about participating but at the last minute said “Yes.” He had a blast and kept shouting, “Thank you God. That’s just what I needed, taking the focus off of me!” Amen dude.

Stepping out of our comfort zone. It can be scary. It can seem like a pain in the ass. However, quite often, it’s so rewarding.
Nearing home with the Rockies ahead of the White Sox in the early innings behind rookie southpaw Kyle Freeland’s near no-hit gem, the mind suddenly begins to marinate on a long-held memory. Many years ago, when precious 20-year-old daughter was much younger, the University of Colorado-Boulder student wanted to cash in holiday gift cards at the Cherry Creek Shopping Center. It was the Sunday after Christmas of that year. The blue-eyed beauty had stuff to purchase.
However, it was a Broncos’ football Sunday! The current marketing student’s old man was settling in to watch the game. I protested, “Sweetie, we can’t go the mall today!” I lost that battle. But, was rewarded big time when, after about three hours of shopping and my childlike whining, Rachel bought a shirt that, across the front, stated,  “Daddy’s Little Girl.” Be still my heart.

What area of life right now has you straddling the fence between curiosity and callousness? Yes? No? Years later, that heartwarming moment has served as a reminder to the power of saying yes. Do it this week. It can produce wondrous moments!

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