Pep Talk: “Why's To Wow's”

April 16, 2017

Spring has sprung. Easter is upon us. We marinate in natural and spiritual renewal. Personally, another birthday arrived this past week. Fellow gym rats didn’t hesitate to lovingly observe the occasion while placing “safety” materials around the spin bike your knucklehead scribe climbs on every Thursday to lead a Kinetics Fitness Studio workout. For some reason the wise guys believe a 59-year-old dude has suddenly become fragile. Ah well.
Back to the point. Older for sure, but the question becomes, any wiser? Physically, mentally and/or spiritually? Where to improve? Transform? Many areas immediately come to mind including caging an appetite fit for a 20-year-old, not an ol’ fart. Blame lies with darling wife’s savory cooking and a penchant to enjoy, not only seconds, but sometimes thirds and fourths. Yikes. “Control your appetite!” bellows the sensible inner self. I don’t listen enough. Why?
My mind wanders to a young man met in raising money for blood cancer research. Logan is six years old. He’s a leukemia survivor. The other night at a Leukemia & Lymphoma Rocky Mountain Chapter event, the handsome young man asked the presenter, a blood cancer researcher, “Why do people get cancer?” 
The respected cancer crusader offered facts about DNA breakdowns and other technical stuff. But the woman knew, considering the questionnaire, there is no logical explanation available to soothe a young warrior’s soul. Kudos to the researcher for making a great save in informing the crowd that “Kids are more resilient than adults during cancer treatments.” Kids, they teach the darndest things: “They might feel bad, throw up (chemo reactions) and then get back to doing what they do.”
Life rarely goes as planned, right? It’s a fundamental principle of A Stronger Cord. Participants in this community outreach wellness movement, regardless of their origin, know life rarely follows our planned route. We are forced to take detours. What’s the old saying? “We make plans and God laughs?” This roller coaster called life takes unwanted twists and turns. They arrive at the most inopportune times. We all have stories of, “Why?” It’s futile to worrying about it. But, hey, we’re human and do. Good, bad and ugly experiences define our earthly dash. The one question always is, “Are we gonna become students, or victims, of Why?”
All we control is effort and attitude. How do we face each day? What kind of spirit do we bring to Why? Not too long ago, after speaking to a men’s fellowship group, a man approached me and belched, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow’s but a mystery, today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.” Amen brother.
Thoughts turn to Logan. Why did this incredible kid get cancer? I give thanks to the advances in blood cancer treatments helping the handsome Iron Man fan, and other kiddos, beat it. Unexpectedly, an idea crashes into cranium:  In this renewal season, let’s encourage one another to take worrisome Why’s and overcome them with wonderful Wow’s. Why’s into Wow’s. Way cool!

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