Pep Talk: “Courageously Sacrifice”

Memorial Day 2017. For the record, the holiday started after the Civil War and, as a nation placed flowers on fallen soldier’s graves, was known as “Decoration Day.” Not surprisingly,... Read More

Pep Talk: “Forever And For Better”

Whew. A ten-week sprint to raise money for blood cancer research is over. Admittedly, I had no idea what to expect when saying yes last fall to Leukemia & Lymphoma... Read More

Pep Talk: “Make Mom Proud”

Mother’s Day 2017. Thoughts begin with Patricia Sue Perry, who gave me life. Others to honor: A step mom and my late father’s devoted companion for almost 30 years; a... Read More

Pep Talk: “What A Blast”

A recent day found a man and woman discussing life’s crappy moments. We all have ‘em, right? A mother and son talking about the importance of trying to become students,... Read More

Pep Talk: “Logan & Gary Get It”

“I really like playing soccer but I’m a little behind,” was the statement calmly flowing from the speaker’s lips. We were sitting at a Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar in preparation for... Read More

Pep Talk: “Deaf In It”

A favorite dude is Ralph Waldo Emerson. He lived during the 1800s, attended Harvard Divinity School and was greatly influenced by Henry Thoreau. Wikipedia suggests the Massachusetts’ native “gradually moved... Read More

Pep Talk: “Why's To Wow's”

Spring has sprung. Easter is upon us. We marinate in natural and spiritual renewal. Personally, another birthday arrived this past week. Fellow gym rats didn’t hesitate to lovingly observe the... Read More

Pep Talk: “It's The Capstone”

There’s a new gym buddy who really fires up your knucklehead scribe. I don’t know that much about him. However, from initial, brief and feisty encounters at Kinetics Fitness Studio,... Read More

Pep Talk: “These Precarious Times”

At almost 59, with a younger brother and older sister already grandparents, there’s an ever-increasing amount of queries like, “Hey ol’ man, you got any grandkids?” Negative. However, through A... Read More

Pep Talk: “Somebody's Gotta Serve”

A buddy is an avid tennis player. The other day in a meeting of government and faith leaders, while discussing ways to improve collaboration, the mentor to many blurted out... Read More