Pep Talk: “Good Going On”

July 30, 2017

Unless just crawling from beneath a big rock, returning from outer space or emerging from unconsciousness, you know these are challenging times in America.
That was the conversation topic on a recent Friday morning as three knuckleheads drove toward a weekly men’s fellowship. The self-proclaimed “Three Stooges” were debating, via speaker phone, with your scribe’s Kansas City-based 82-year-old feisty mother about America’s president tweeting of a ban on transgender military personnel. The never-reserved octogenarian, after vigorously defending her position, bellowed in the four-way chat, “It’s a bunch of bullsh*t.”
Ma, tell us what you really feel. However, in the craziness of our times, there is good news to report. So, here goes.
“Oh, I haven’t told you?” was the somewhat sarcastic remark from a dear friend when this ol’ jock suggested the mother of two grown kids had plenty of time for other pursuits. “We (hubby is buddy and former CU Buff football standout) took in a family of four unexpectedly between homes and in need of shelter.”
The heart just melted with admiration and respect for a wonderful couple who decided to serve others. A well-deserved respite from raising kids and enjoying life as empty nesters is taking a back seat to caring for others in a vulnerable spot. Bravo.

It’s been mentioned before in these weekly musings, but our nation has become way too isolated and divided. We need to build a stronger cord to one another. Never growing weary of doing good for others, realizing we reap the harvest, is a good place to start.
Here’s another inspiring story. Tom Moller is a friend, long-time radio stalwart and news director at a radio station in the Mile High City. I’m blessed to occasionally join him as co-host of “Colorado Issues on KRKS. We’re sports enthusiasts who love hanging together, interviewing others doing good works and telling stories. The proud Michigan State grad is a patriotic man.
“We were visiting some friends who live on the grounds of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland,” the father of three and grandpa to five offered. “It brought tears to my eyes every morning, exactly at 8am, to hear a bugler play the national anthem.”

I dunno about you but this (me) ol’ fart, at almost 60, still gets teary-eyed during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner. Before breath leaves my body, it’s on the bucket list to sing it at a sporting event. Upon learning my buddy’s heartwarming sentiment about hearing the national anthem, I wondered, “Why not start playing it on the air?”
Moller liked the idea and KRKS started it last week. Each weekday morning at 6am, programming begins with the national anthem. Be still my heart. “What’s been the reaction?” I wondered. “It’s been awesome,” was the response.

Without question, we live in crazy times. However, please don’t forget the good going on. Caring for one another and the ideals of this nation. We all benefit when embracing each.


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