Pep Talk: “Vessels Of Hope”

It was a real joy to recently host the third Denver Dream Center gala showcasing the loving and important work this community outreach church provides in underserved parts of the Mile High City. Throughout a spectacular gathering (one social worker called it, “Life changing”) there were many videos and testimonies to the value DDC delivers in... Read More

Pep Talk: “We Believe In Us!”

“This much I know,” was stated to a young man on the comeback trail from addiction and incarceration. “I believe in you.” We had just completed, at least for a dude almost 60 years old, a rigorous hour of Denver Dream Center-sponsored three-on-three half court hoops. The gifted athlete is doing well as he works... Read More

Pep Talk: “Trash Talking Buddy”

“I tried to kill myself when I was 16,” said the young man now barely of legal drinking age. He continued, “My dad’s first reaction? Too bad it didn’t work.” Wow. Are you kidding me? Your knucklehead scribe’s heart ached in hearing, from a smart but vulnerable soul now in a Denver-area recovery program, the... Read More

Pep Talk: “A Great Personal Gift”

Your scribe was hanging out with fellow knuckleheads the other day when somebody asked, “Anybody got a praise report?” My hand shot up immediately. “Darling wife and I just celebrated our three-year anniversary. Guys, it’s a perfect example. If at first you don’t succeed? Try….try….again!” The dudes present are in the Denver Rescue Mission’s “New... Read More

Pep Talk: “A Fire of Moo-mentous Proportions”

It was the usual Friday morning gathering of men trying to sharpen faith through fellowship, study and introspection when one of the dudes belted out, “Those are the moments that set things on fire.” My mind immediately zipped to the tragic wild fires burning in California’s wine country and then jumped to a recent conversation... Read More

Pep Talk: “If Not Us, Who?”

Three times a week your knucklehead scribe attends devotions with guys in the Denver Rescue Mission’s “New Life Program.” It happens, except Sundays, each morning at 7:15. Roll call is taken, announcements made and then a presenter, usually a Mission employee/chaplain, delivers a short Biblical message designed to inspire dudes trying to comeback from homelessness, addictions... Read More

Pep Talk: “We’ll Be Rewarded Too!”

Eager to return home to Denver and darling wife, your knucklehead scribe was hustling through Kansas City’s airport. After dropping off a vehicle, while passing the Enterprise counter, three young male employees are observed. They appear bored. It’s Sunday morning and kinda slow. “Go Chiefs!” I snort while cruising past. The young men earnestly agreed.... Read More

Pep Talk: “When It Comes To Teamwork”

For long-suffering Rocky Mountain baseball fans, this year’s edition of the Colorado Rockies has been a blessing. With a week left in the regular season, a strong finish earns the Nolan Arenado-led squad its first post-season appearance in almost a decade. I wear my purple Rockies’ golf shirt often. Darling wife cracks, “When was the... Read More

Pep Talk: “Be Somebody's Coincidence”

A dear friend grew up religiously roughed up. At nearly 60, that experience sours the Colorado native’s belief in a higher power. We have interesting conversations about what he considers “coincidences” versus what your scribe would call, “God things.” I look forward to our next debate and sharing the latest example that, “Coincidence is God’s... Read More

Pep Talk: “Storm Surge of Compassion”

“Mother Nature is trying to wake us up,” stated a buddy as we departed a morning workout at Kinetics Fitness. It’s hard to argue considering the hurricanes, fires and earthquakes dominating headlines and wreaking havoc around the globe. Often we are helpless against powerful forces changing landscape, claiming lives and forever altering the status quo.... Read More